Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Seven Days, Seven Bands-- Part 6: Friday, Country Music at the Legion

FRIDAY, JUNE 27TH:  After cutting the grass for the second time this week, the other being Monday, because of all this rain that keeps falling, we drove to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, for the famous fish fry at Popeye's (not the national chicken chain).  The place has been in business since the 1970s and really gotten quite big and nautical with its great view of Geneva Lake and the Riviera Docks dating to around 1900.

Then, a quick stop at Donovan's Reef to say hi to friends there and then on to Kevin and Kelly's house on Fox Lake where we sat outside in their gazebo and enjoyed cocktails while looking at the lake.

Last stop was at the American Legion on Nippersink Lake, right by the US-12 bridge.  They were having a meatloaf dinner, but we were still full from the late lunch.  Ron Payton & the Country Tradition were playing in the main hall so we enjoyed some great old, classic country & western.

That makes six bands in five days, counting the two from Wednesday in Woodstock.


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