Friday, June 27, 2014

Seven Days, Seven Bands-- Part 3: Main Beach and More Bands

I should mention that last weekend, we saw six bands Friday to Sunday.  Friday, there was a folk singer at the Spring Grove Fish Hatchery fish boil fundraiser.  Saturday, there was a solo singer, high school band (actually quite good) and another band at the fundraiser at the American Legion for the woman with cancer.  Sunday, we heard a say-nothing deejay at the Peterson Farm open house in McHenry, Sugar High band at Captain's Quarters and another band at the cancer fundraiser at Donovan's Reef.

I should also mention one thing that we saw and liked at Main Beach in Crystal Lake for the New Odyssey concert.  They had piers and quite a few folks boated their way to the concert.  Now, that is an interesting way to go to a concert: Boat to it.

Now That's Concerting in Style.  --RoadDog

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