Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wayne Pumps Measure Gas By the Penny's Worth-- Part 2: Eliminating "Eye Measure"

"Wayne's can't make a mistake...can't overcharge you.  With unfailing accuracy, Wayne's patented precision meter tallies each fraction of a gallon as it goes into your tank.  And automatically, with split-penny accuracy, Wayne's amazing mechanical brain totals the cost, cent by cent, before your eyes.  (Yep, just try to read those cents as they fly by on the pump today.)

Wherever you see them, Wayne Pumps mark dealers who put your interests first.  Waynes can't be started until the dials are set to zero.  They are accurate at full flow or trickle.  They can fill your tank to the top without spilling a drop.

"So look for the Wayne name and 'Honest Measure' seal...your guarantee of accuracy."

Since no mention was made of gas rationing, I am thinking this ad to be from before the war started.


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