Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Route 66 in Springfield, Illinois-- Part 2: Bill Shea's Gas Station (D-Day Veteran)

Page 53:  Photo of Bill Shea's Texaco Station at 2001 Peoria Road is pictured during the World War II era.  Shea bought out his partner, Maurice Dupuy in 1946.  Maurice's nickname was "Mud" which apparently everyone agreed was more suitable for a gas station proprietor than the French "Maurice."  (Photo courtesy of Bill Shea Sr.)

This evidently was his first station, not the one he presently has.

It is going to be strange going to Springfield today and not having Bill Shea there.  We count ourselves lucky to have spent time talking with this icon of Route 66.  On our first  Route 66 trip in 2002, our fates were sealed when we visited Bill Shea's Museum and spent time talking with him and Tom Teague.

And, Bill Shea was at D-Day and has some sand from the beach at his museum.

He sure would have enjoyed the 70th anniversary commemoration this past week.

We Miss Him and Ernie.  --RoadDog

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