Monday, June 2, 2014

Indy 500, 2014-- Part 5: Rockin' On Main Street

MAY 23, 2014:

Next, I walked over to the 8th annual Rockin' On Main Street area.  The band that kicked things off, The Party, as they were called, were late starting because of some sort of a power problem, but lived up to their name once underway.  Even had folks to dancing early on.  The male vocalist was just so-so, but the female was very good.

I saw a guy with a BIU hat on his head.  I had to wonder what that stood for, though he was talking about Southern Illinois.  I'm pretty sure it said BIU and not SIU.

Lots and lots of people walking around pulling coolers on wheels and every so often they'd sit down and crack open a cold one.  Some even went inside the grounds, despite a sign saying coolers were not allowed as they wanted folks to buy stuff there.

I can see the top of the Indy Speedway off in the distance.

They had one mighty impressive 2014 Camaro there that had been specially designed and named after racing legend Al Unser, Jr..  He showed up and I was able to get his autograph.

Not a Bad Haul.  --RoadDog


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