Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The July North Carolina Music List-- Part 1: The Who

I like to take CDs along with me on my drives.  Actually, people calling me never have me pick up on the cell phone as the music is too loud to hear it ring (and, besides, it rings with part of "Bad Moon Rising").

I took five CDs along with me, and a sixth one that hitched a ride.  I enjoyed all of them.  And, it was somewhat of an eclectic mix with two country stars, one new rock band and three bands that have been around a long time.

In between listening to the CDs, I search local radio stations.  You never know what you're gonna get, right Forrest?

The CD "Who's Missing" by the Who was the one that stowed away for the trip, in the player.  This album was of songs they had that were not necessarily hits, but I liked them all.  Four songs were from 1965: Shout and Shimmy, Leaving Here, Anytime You Want Me and Lubie.  From '66 they did a real rave up on "Barbara Ann" and the original version of "I'm a Boy."

There were plenty of great songs on the twelve offered.

I'm Just a Pinball Wizard.  --RoadDog

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