Friday, August 3, 2012

And, Just One More to Go-- Part 1

We've been on a tear this past week getting passport stamps for the Chain Crawl here on the Chain of Lakes in northeast Illinois. Tuesday, we picked up four, Wednesday another three and yesterday two.

There were 39 places on this year's Crawl.

Just one remaining, Granny's Diner off Spring Lake.

The Others and Where Located:

92 East-- Fox Lake
American Legion Post 703-- Nippersink Lake
Aquarium Tavern-- Nippersink
Blarney Island-- Grass Lake
Blueberry Hill-- Nippersink
Broken Oar-- Lower Fox River (below the McHenry Dam)

Captain's Quarters-- Fox Lake
Chopper's Bar & Grill-- Lake Elizabeth
Dead End Bar & Grill-- Lower Fox River
Dino's Den-- Fox Lake
Dockers-- Pistakee Lake
El Puerto-- Nippersink

More to Come. --RoadDog

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