Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy B-Day, Ernie Edwards

Wish we could've been there, but it is just too far for a one day trip, but today would have been Ernie Edwards' birthday, I believe 94th or 95th, but, he died earlier this year.

Ernie easily represented everything that was and still is good about Route 66.  He operated the famous PigHip Restaurant in Broadwell, Illinois, from the 30s to early 90s and then "held court" at the building and his home next door until about a year or two ago.  Even though we had heard most of the stories many times, we never grew tired of them.  Often, if we did not have an hour or two to be with him, we'd just drive on by.

Anyway, today, the Route 66 Association of Illinois and the Lincoln, Illinois, tourism group will be sponsoring a party at the site of the former PigHip and the newly redone sign will be dedicated.  Lots of old cars will be there as well as food served.

Now, If I Knew for a Fact They'd Have PigHip Sandwiches, I'd Sure Be There.  I've Always Wanted One, But Never Had the Chance.

A FUNNY HEADLINE:  Eye Drops Off Shelf.

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