Friday, August 24, 2012

Scenes At the Outdoor Concert Last Night

Last night, Liz and I drove to Antioch, Illinois, after doing some boating and ate outside at the Sequoit Lodge (named after Indians in the area).  Hey, 35 cent wings on Thursdays. 

This, unfortunately, was the last of Antioch's It's Thursday summer concert series at the bandshell.  Actually, the last one was to be last Thursday, but the one before that had been cancelled by a storm and this was the make up show.

A band called Evolution was on stage.  We'd never heard them before, but if they are invited to play at the Antioch shows, that's good enough for me.  And, they were really good, playing a highly energized group of 70s and 80s rock songs.

I had to notice some of the crowd scenes going on around us.

TODDLIN' TIKES--  There were a lot of toddlers at the show.  Hey, parents didn't need a baby-sitter.  I can say that these youngsters may totter a lot, but they are real fast.  I saw more tottering tots swishing by with parents in hot pursuit than I could count.  Those parents sure got their exercise last night.  And, put one down and swoosh, they're off again.  Got to exercise those legs.

JUMPIN' FOUR AND FIVES--  The band played "Jump" by Van Halen and four little 4-5-year-old girls off to my left were really jumping up and down, but not necessarily to the "Jump" command.  I doubt they'd ever heard the song before, so wonder where they came up with the idea.

CANINE BALLET--  Not only were there a lot of toddlers, but a lot of dogs as well.  Two of them got into an intricate and fast ballet of who-can-smell-the-other-ones butt without the other one getting a whiff of yours.  Since they were both on leashes, that entailed lots of leather twisting around.  One of the owners got all tied up in leather in the process.  It took awhile to get everyone untangled.

Just Some Stuff at a Concert.  --RoadDog

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