Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good Times Right Here

One way to put it to the GRBs messing with the gas prices is to stay put, which we did after a quickie-three-day trip down to Springfield, Illinois that put 512 miles on the '11 Malibu (averaged about 34 mpg).


We finally got the boat back in the water after being out for five weeks because of low water from the drought.  Did some boating.  Put it up and met the Usual Suspects over at Stormy Monday and sat out on the deck overlooking Fox Lake.

Then, went to the Dog Haus and had a great rib sandwich which will now be my place when I have a McRib attack between offerings.  That was a great sandwich!!

Last stop was at the Legion.


Did some boating before driving to Wauconda and had some real good Mexican food at La Malinche on Il-176 and then saw Terry and Gregg Spizzirri play out on the deck of Docks Tiki Bar overlooking Bang's Lake.

Last stop at Tommy's.


Drove over to Grayslake and had a great bleu cheese saloon burger at the Last Chance and really enjoyed the 1850s baseball game where there would be two hands, a duck in the pond and a striker take the line.  The Grayslake Athletics rallied to defeat the Grayslake Merchants.  One poor player was forced to apologize for using bad language in front of the ladies.  Catch a ball on the first bounce and it is a hand.

Then went to Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake for the Funk Libido Circus.  Listened to part of a set but it was way too crowded and they really jumped drink prices up, so went over to Route 12 Bar and Grill and listened to Bob play.

Came home and had a Fire on the Strand (bonfire on one of my patios).

Why Go Anywhere Else?  --RoadDog

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