Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nothing Like a Good Day of Boating-- Part 3

McHenry, Illinois, has two bridges downtown that cross the Fox River.  One is the Illinois Highway 120 bridge and the other one, a block north by Vickie's, I believe is called the Pearl Street Bridge.  Once on the east side of the river, Frank and I walked the short distance to the Vinyl Frontier Record Store, one of those "real" mom and pop record stores.  They have a lot of vinyl 45s and albums as well as CDs.  All are used, so cheaper.

Few things in life are better than flipping through old albums, and CDs are almost as good.  We had 30 minutes to kill before the Fox Hole opened at 4 PM, so were not in any hurry.  I finally settled on two CDs: Red Hot & Blue ($5) with a group of well-known soul singers and a Cajun/zydeco one called Snake Bite Love by Zachary Richard ($7).

Then walked the short distance on Water Street (because it backs up to the river) to Fox Hole Pizza located in the basement of the old Riverside Hotel, built in 1864.  As expensive as Vickie's was, this place was not with $1 Blondies (Miller High Life), so had a bunch there once the rest of the crew and captain arrived from Vickie's.  Of course, they boated across the river.

Fox Hole has specials every day, both food and drink,  One of interest was the full slab of ribs dinner on Wednesdays for $10.

Heading Back.  --RoadDog

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