Saturday, August 25, 2012

Still Buying That Obsolete Technology-- Part 2

THE BEST OF LEON RUSSELL--  A great, but little-known performer.  Had his own sound.  Listening to it right now "Shootout at the Plantation."  Of course, bigger hits with "Tightrope" and "Delta Lady."  I don't think I ever heard the album-cut "Delta Lady," just the Mad Dogs and Englishman one.

Unfortunately, no cuts from his great "Hack Wilson's Back" album, the country side of Leon.

Then, the Beach Music.  Who'd have figured Beach Music in Central Illinois?

SOUL WAV. VOL 1--  25 songs.  All good, but some of my favorites:  Listened to this one the rest of the way home from Springfield.

King of the Road--  Billy Scott (done up beach-style)
Drip Drop--  Bill Pinkney
Please Accept My Love--  Maurice Williams
I Found Somebody--  Neptune Blues
Shut Up & Kiss Me--  Cindy Floyd
Havin' a Party--  Sugarbees
Leave Your Panties Home--  Drink Small
Shake a Hand--  Toni Williams
I'd Be a Fool--  Groove Therapy
No Time--  Commands
Ain't No Big Thing--  Scotty Todd

CAROLINA BEACH MUSIC: DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY--  with such CBM nuggets as "Bowlegged Woman," "I Ain't Drunk,""Walkin' the Chalkline" and Safronia B."

Good Listnin' the Whole Way.  --RoadDog

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