Friday, August 10, 2012

Still Hanging Around the Area-- Part 2

Lots to do right here.


Granny's Diner for what I thought was the last passport stamp on the Chain Crawl.  Turns out, we still have one more to go, Blarney Island.  One fantastic AUCE fish fry, your choice fried perch or cod, potato pancakes or fries and cole slaw for $8.99.  Then Usual Suspects at Stormy Monday with view of sunset on Fox Lake and karaoke at the Legion.  I sank Ray Steven's "The Streak" and, we had a person streak the bar (well, part way streak).


Tried out the new breakfast tacos at Steak and Shake.  All there different ones were delicious.  Had the new Carolina Barbecue Whopper at Burger King for dinner.  I was expecting pulled pork, but got bacon instead and it was quite good.

Then to the street party for Fox Lake's Venetian Night with several Mardi Gras-decorated boats.  Real fine fireworks display.


Bob Stroud did part 3 of his annual salute to that summer 40 years ago.  For songs and his comments, see my Down Da Road Blog.  Had some excellent 99 cent Chicago dogs at the Roost on 59, Il-59.  They claim to have the best sweet potato fries in the area, and I believe them.

Then, went to Captain's and took a trip back to the 60s with the band 1969, then to Route 12 Bar to see Terry Spizzirri play.

Always a Good Time.  --RoadDog

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