Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Songs for Summer Driving- Part 2

Cpntinued from August 22nd.  From the June 24th WDRV Rock and Roll Roots show.

Now that summer is fast petering out, I'd best get around to finishing this.  Get me in a car and driving during the summer, I "Gotta" have my tunes.  And, if they have to do with summer, all the better.

HOT SUMMER DAY--  IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY--  Band out of San Francisco.  (Always thought that was sort of a strange name for a band.  Liz's college roommate's favorite group.)

GOOD DAY SUNSHINE--  BEATLES--  McCartney tune from Revolver.
HOT AS SUN--  PAUL McCARTNEY--  From his first album, 1970's McCartney, an instrumental.

UNDER THE BOARDWALK--  JOHN MELLANCAMP--  An old Drifters' classic.  (And, a place you don't want to be.  A nasty place.) 
REMEMBER (WALKING IN THE SAND)--  AEROSMITH--  Doing an old reworking of an old girl group soap opera.  The Shangri-Las laid it down in '64.  Aerosmith took a shot at it in the late 70s.

SUNNY AFTERNOON--  KINKS--  Sounds like that is all Ray Davies has going for him.  From '66. (Who's trying to break him?)
IT'S OK--  BEACH BOYS--  From the Summer of '76.

SUMMER SUN--  JAMESTOWN MASSACRE--  From our own backyard, out in the suburbs.  (As in Chicagoland)
CALIFORNIA SUN-- RIVIERAS--  Again, right in our own backyard, down Indiana way.  (A great California song as done by a Midwest band.)

Two Down, One to Go.  --RoadDog

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