Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oops, One More to Go

I reported that we had finished all 39 stops on the Chain Crawl, but just learned that one remains.  While I was on vacation, Liz went with Kevin and Kelly to some of the stops and I was of the belief that they had gone to Blarney Island, out in Grasslake.  Turns out, the place was closed that Wednesday they went.

It used to be open seven days a week during the summer as it closes every winter.  It dates back to about 1900 and really is an island.  It is a fun place, but do they ever charge for drinks.  Any time you go, you pay $5 for a 16-ounce can, even when the bands aren't playing.  Way too much for cheap folk like us.  As Kelly says, "It's one and done."

Neat place though, and one that anyone visiting the Chain of Lakes area needs to go to.  Very rustic and with lots of female underwear hanging from the ceiling.  Good bands on the weekends, deejays and, of course, the famous Thursday boat races.  But, like I said, VERY EXPENSIVE DRINKS!!

Until this year,they were exclusive Budweiser products (Yuck), but have come over to the Side of the Good, the Miller.

They now close Monday to Wednesday.  If they had regular prices during those days, I would go there.

By the way, if you are in the Chain without a boat, Thursday to Sunday you can take the Blarney Bus (pontoon boat) out to the place.

Right now, we have plans to be "One and Done" to Blarney Island tomorrow, Friday.

One More and Done.  --RoadDog

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