Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Still Hanging Around the Area

A big reason for us to stay around home turf these days is the cost of gas.  From last Tuesday to Saturday, the cost of gas here jumped 61 cents, to $4.17 (even $4.20  at one place).

JULY 30TH, MONDAY--  Great BLT pizza at J's and NTN, checked the channel depth where we usually have our boat and it was at 13 inches.  We'll have to wait longer to put it back in.  Drought, you know.  NTN at Hello Folks and went to the American Legion.

JULY 31ST, TUESDAY--  The boating trip downriver that I have already written about.

AUGUST 1ST, WEDNESDAY--  A second day of boating in Kevin and Kelly's boat.  This time to Fox Lake places:  El Puerto on Nippersink Lake, Dockers on Pistakee and Freddie's, also on Pistakee Lake.  Then to the Legion on Nippersink.  Drove to Tommy's in Spring Grove.  Got two more passbook stamps on the Chain Crawl.

AUGUST 2ND, THURSDAY--  Gas prices skyrocketing but saved 20 cents getting it in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.   Played NTN at Donovan's Reef.  Then went to Harbour Club on Petite Lake (Chain of Lakes) and saw New Odyssey playing outside.  Last stop at Steitz's Resort, also on Bluff Lake, where we sat put on the deck.  Got two more passbook stamps.  Just one more to go.

Why Go Elsewhere?  At Least the GRBs at Big Oil Don't Get As Much of Our Money.  --RoadDog

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