Monday, August 6, 2012

Nothing Like a Good Day of Boating-- Part 4

I'm finishing up the boat trip we took down the Fox River to McHenry, Illinois, July 31st, last Tuesday.

We'll definitely go back to the Epic Deli and the Fox Hole, but definitely not Vickie's.  Just can't afford to eat or drink there.

Headed back upriver and took a swing by Castaways to see if it had opened yet.  It didn't appear so, sadly.  Last year, this was a favorite Wednesday stop for us with 40 cent wings, dollar drafts and Jim Seig entertaining.  Great fun out n that deck.  We've heard that someone was reopening it.

Cruised on around the point, past Harmony Marina, where the rich folks keep their boats and to Oak Park.  Now this place is a real holdover from days gone past on the Chain of Lakes.  It was built in the 1880s and still has the old hotel next to it, although it is now rented out by the week or month as are so many of the old hotels that remain.

There is nothing Freddie's or Snuggery about the place.  Some even consider it a dive bar, but we all like it, especially their prices.  Unfortunately, no food.

Last stop was for drinks at the Legion.

You Know What They Say About a Good Day of Boating...Or Is It a Bad Day?  --RoadDog

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