Friday, March 2, 2018

Warm Here We Come-- Part 8: The Real Horrible Noise


Finally through all the Birmingham construction and congestion, it doesn't seem to be so long to get to Montgomery, Alabama, where we took I-85 east to US-231 and the Eastern Expressway.  This is a very heavily congested stretch for awhile, but eventually we get out into the country and it is fairly easy drive on four lanes to Troy, where we encountered a lot of traffic.

We missed Alabama-167, which we need to take to Florida and PCB, and drove a ways toward Dothan before realizing we were on the wrong road.  We used an atlas (that's right, an atlas) and found we were going in the wrong direction, but were right by the road we needed to get back to 167 on and took it.

When we got back to 167, I came to the stop sign and when I applied the brakes, there came a real horrible noise.  Never fun to have your brakes making that noise.


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