Thursday, March 8, 2018

Warm Here We Come-- Part 12: That Horrible Florida Highway-79 Bonifay to Ebro

Alabama Highway 167 is a nice cruise.  Two-lane road and little traffic, all the way to Florida where it turns into Florida Highway 79 and goes straight to Panama City Beach (PCB).

In Florida it remains two lanes to Bonifay where I-10 crosses it.

Eventually, and I say EVENTUALLY, the drive from Bonifay to PCB will be fantastic when its four lane all the way with 65 mph speed limit.  Like a limited access road.  But not at this time.

From Bonifay to near Ebro they are making it four lane.  It does not appear there has been any progress made since we last drove it last February.  And, even though with the exception of one small area, there is NO CONSTRUCTION going on, it is 45 mph the whole way.  I really hate when the speed limit is dropped for construction and there is no construction going on.

Making it worse, the Florida folks who drive it are pretty insistent on going much, much faster than 45 mph.  I mean 65 moph.  Just no way I am going to go 20 miles over the speed limit and especially in another state.

Sorry Guys.  --RoadLimit

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