Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Warm Here We Come-- Part 15: Sharkey's But No Shuckums


OK, we are finally at PCB (Panama City Beach) after the one day delay because of car trouble and as of yet haven't had a drink anywhere.  We must remedy that.

Spotting the top of the huge tiki bar at Sharkey's, this be the place to accomplish that drink.  This is one of our must-go-to joints on the beach.  We understand the place gets packed during spring break, but we are in the off-season, so there are a few vacationers and a lot of regulars out at the tiki bar, which is right by the beach.

It has plastic sheets around the sides to keep it warmer and break the wind.  Happy Hour is $1.50 12 oz Miller Lites so had a couple of them.  A bit chilly as well so were thankful for the portable heaters.

Leaving there, we were thinking of going to Shuckums, but it was too crowded.



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