Thursday, March 22, 2018

Got Our Irish On Last Weekend-- Part 4: PLAV and the Corkscrew


On our way over to the PLAV, we drove on Green Street which was full of people wearing various articles of green attire and carrying green plastic cups.  They were especially numerous around the new bar, D.C. Cobbs by the newly reopened McHenry Theater.

We heard several people in the PLAV talking about how crowded every bar was on Riverside.

But, we intended to take a walk over to Corkscrew Pointe where friend Mark was cooking food.  The inside of that place was so packed you couldn't get a drink nor hardly move.  We had seen signs that there was another party going on outside behind the place so decided to see that.  No one was cooking at the grills back there and a deejay was playing Irish music out by the Fox River.

It was less crowded, though, so we got beers and commandeered a table.  We soon found out why there weren't a lot of people out there.  There was a mean wind blowing some really cold air on you.  After a half a cup, we had had enough and moved back to the side of the building which served as a windbreak so it was comfortable.

W met Mark who said they had run out of food about the time the parade had started.

But, we had had enough of the too many people hassle and decided to go over to Johnsburg.


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