Friday, March 23, 2018

Got Our Irish On Last Weekend-- Part 6: Back to McHenry


The McHenry Shamrock Fest, or whatever they called it, was the first time they had anything major going on beyond the parade.  And, they were having it both Saturday and Sunday.

Liz and I had a coupon from the Chain Crawl for a half-price pizza at the Foxhole, so called because it is downstairs at an old building by the Fox River.  We were a both concerned that we would run into those huge crowds of yesterday, but figured maybe some of them had had enough and would be staying home, probably nursing hangovers.

We were actually able to park on Riverside Drive by the Foxhole, which only had three customers inside when we got there.  The bartenders said they had run out of beer yesterday, but the local distributor had been making deliveries all day and night.  Most places had run out of beer or come close to it.  Revelers had been three deep at the bar most of the day on Saturday.  Every table was occupied and as soon as someone would get up, it was reoccupied.

The Foxhole, like I said, is in the basement of an old hotel (now apartments) built in the 1890s.  They are noted for their pizza, plus we love their $12 a full slab of ribs they have on Wednesdays.  That comes with soup or salad, baked potato, garlic bread and cole slaw.

While we were there, another 10-12 people came in.  The owner said yesterday had been the busiest they'd ever had.

Reckon This St. Partrick's Party in McHenry Was a Huge Success.  --RoadPat

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