Friday, March 23, 2018

Got Our Irish On Last Weekend-- Part 5: On to JohnsO'Burg


We went to Half-Times in Johnsburg, Illinois.  There was also a lot of people in there, but the place is quite big so we were able to get a table.  They had corned beef & cabbage dinners for $10 and $1 pints of green Miller Lite.  We could definitely live with those prices so feasted and drank.

Many people in green attire and everyone in the spirit O' St. Patrick.

Then decided to check out Sunnyside Tap in Johnsburg, which is our main hangout in the area.  The place was also very crowded, but we were able to get a table (the last one) and had some more beer ($5 pitchers) during happy hour so we were happy.  They had a band setting up, but we left before they started.

So, today, we went to five bars and drank a whole lot of beer.

And, of course, at the last two places they had the NCAA Tournament games on.

Home After That.  That Was Enough.  --RoadParty

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