Monday, August 28, 2017

To Galena for Our 44th-- Part 1: Married in DeKalb, Honeymoon in Galena


August 25 is our 44th wedding anniversary.  We got married in DeKalb, Illinois, at the Newman Center (Northern Illinois University) on Saturday by Father Dan Hermes and then had the reception at the Holiday Inn on Lincoln Highway (Il-38), now the Red Roof Inn, and then drove to Galena, Illinois, for our honeymoon.  believe me, i was beat by the time we got to the motel at 2:30 a.m..

We had a week scheduled for the honeymoon, but that was cut very close by my getting a teaching job in Round Lake, Illinois, the day before the marriage and school started Wednesday.

Talk about a lot of stuff happening in just a few days.  We're still married and I taught in Round Lake for 33 years.

We did not leave Spring Grove very early as I was catching up on these blogs and had to water plants.

We took the usual way out to Galena: Illinois highways 120, 47, 176, 23 and to U.S.-20 and west to Galena.  U.S.-20 through Illinois is named the U.S. Grant Highway because of the general's (and president) living in Galena before and after the Civil War.


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