Tuesday, August 22, 2017

News From 66, July 2017: A Spaceship, Website and Gas Pump

JULY 21--  Spaceship to land at The Mill for its 88th birthday on July 25.  It is made by the same person who built the "World's Largest Covered Wagon" which used to be in Divernon, Illinois, but is now in Lincoln, Illinois, where the Mill is.

That guy is quite talented.  Got to love that roadside art.

JULY 22--  The Route 66 Association of Illinois launches a new website.  Hey, that is one of my two Rt 66 groups.

JULY 24--  World's Tallest Gas Pump in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, nears completion.  It is 66 feet tall (get it?) and in front of the Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum.

Watch Out for Those UFOs.  --RoadDog

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