Saturday, August 5, 2017

N.C. Jan. 2017-- Part 28: Fort Fisher Medals, the Colonel's Lady and the Mine

Fort Fisher has a temporary exhibit on the many Medals of Honor troops and sailors received at Fort Fisher.  There is  a permanent one on Colonel Lamb's "Cottage" located a mile north of the fort.  He lived here with his wife Daisy and family.  This exhibit includes two beautiful chairs taken from the stricken blockade runner Kate.

The museum also still has the the Confederate torpedo (mine) which washed up on the shore of the Cape Fear River back in the 1960s.  I remember this torpedo from the first Fort Fisher Museum which was located at Battle Acre in a 40 by 40-foot shed.

The man told me that they had some 100 descendants this past weekend at the friends of Fort Fisher annual meeting and descendants reunion this past Saturday at Carolina Beach Courtyard by Marriott.  This marked the 152nd anniversary of the Second Battle of Fort Fisher.

I really would have liked to have been there, especially since I was only about 50 miles away, but I had other things to do.

I am hoping to be able to attend the 153rd anniversary this coming January.


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