Friday, August 25, 2017

News From 66, July 2017: A California Bridge and North Side

JULY 17--  A fence is being installed at the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena to stop suicide attempts.  It is a ten foot high mesh barricade.  there have been at least two suicides so far this year and 150 since 1919.

In 1930 it earned the name "Suicide Bridge."  This bridge was an architecturally challenging project to build and has a striking design.

One of the most beautiful bridges I've ever seen, but I imagine the fence will take away from its beauty.

JULY 19--  The North Side of Springfield, Illinois, is getting closer to becoming a TIF district with tax break incentives.  This is along Peoria Road.  The Illinois State Fair is here, but the area was hurt by the 2013 closing of Bill Shea's Rt. 66 museum.

I Sure Miss Bill Shea and All his Neat Stuff (Or as his wife would say, "That man never throws anything away.")  --RoadDog

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