Saturday, August 5, 2017

News From Along 66, July 2017: Rhea's, Red's and Russell

JULY 7--  The restored Rhea's Chicken basket neon sign is dedicated in Willowbrook, Illinois.  Always like to see restored neon.

JULY 5--  There is a film portrait of Harvey Russell of the Mediocre Music Makers of Erick, Oklahoma.  One of the characters who make Route 66 so much fun  A hum,an Tow tater?  The Wildest Guy on 66?

JULY 7--  A replica of Red's Giant Hamburg sign will soon break ground.  It will be at a new restaurant.  David Campbell, owner of Buckingham's regional bbq chain is opening the restaurant at 2301 Sunshine Street.  It is not in the original location site and larger than the original, which by all accounts was fairly small.

Red's closed in 1984.

What is he calling the new place.  Probably Buckingham's.  You've got to see that great video"Red's" by the Morrells.  Cheesy 70s at  its best.


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