Thursday, August 3, 2017

N.C. Jan. 2017-- Part 27: Hanging Out At the Fort and the Whitworth Gun


I had a nice talk with the person there about the restored Whitworth rifled cannon.  The last time I saw it a couple years ago it was in poor condition and didn't look much like a vaunted cannon because of its five-mile distance and accuracy.  You can now see the inscription on it which says that it was captured at Fort Fisher.

It was one of Colonel Lamb's "Pets," part of a battery that would go up and down the beach to force off blockaders getting in too close while pursuing blockade runners or after ones that had run aground.  They were very effective guns.

Getting this gun was a real great deal for Fort Fisher as it was a mighty good blockader deterrent. I think they got it on more or less permanent loan from the Washington Navy Yard.


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