Monday, August 7, 2017

N.C. Jan. 2017-- Part 29: Spending Time At What Is Left of the Fort

The markers along the fort walk have been repaired (they had gotten into bad shape) and new ones erected.  Many of these give the human side of the battle and life at the fort.

Today was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures so I took a nice, slow walk around the little that remains of the fort.  Most of it, including most all of the old seafront of the fort and much of the land face are under water as the Atlantic Ocean has come in a lot, especially after the coquina beds offshore were removed in the 1930s to construct US-421.  With that barrier gone, the ocean came in quickly.

And, part of the land face mounds and traverses was leveled both for US-421 and for a landing strip when Fort Fisher was used by soldiers from nearby Camp Davis during World War II for anti-aircraft training.  Planes, often flown by members of the WAC (Women's Army Corps), towed targets offshore.

Ahh.  Fort Fisher and I have All Day If I Want to Spend Here.  Normally I Am With People and Can't Stay As Long As I Like.  --RoadDog

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