Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trip to the Indy 500, 2012-- Part 3: Arrival Drinks and First Bar

We were staying at a private trailer park across from the racetrack which also included many full-time residents.  But everyone tries to cask in on the money all the fans bring in.

Actually, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is not in Indianapolis, but in a suburb of the city named Speedway.  You have to wonder which came first,the town or the race track.

Paul did an amazing job backing that big old RV into its spot.  Sue helped him on her cell phone,  It was quite the coordinated effort.  We got things set up and then had "We Have Arrived" drinks.

We walked over to a dilapidated bar called The Winner's Circle by Crawfordsville Road, one of their favorite places to go when there.  It is quite rustic.  Cans of beer were $4 and not very cold, so not as enjoyable as they might have been, despite the expensive cost.  However, they did have a band playing.

Both our trailer park and the bar were right across from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where the Indy 500 takes place, so you couldn't get much closer.  I understand that getting to the track on raceday is quite an accomplishment in itself.


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