Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Game for the Ages, Game 7 2016 World Series-- Part 4: A Tied Game Into the 10th, a Rain Delay and Cubs Take a 8-6 Lead!!

Now in the 9th inning, the Cubs didn't score and Aroldis Chapman still pitching, but did much better than that disastrous 8th.  One strikeout and two fly outs.  OK, so now we go to extra innings.

It was now that there was a rain delay.  It was already well past 11 p.m..  How long was the delay going to be.  We heard that Jason Heyward called a players-only meeting during the rain delay.

Whatever he said or they did, it seemed to work.  The rain delay was just 17 minutes.

In the top of the 10th, Kyle Schwarber leads off and singles to right (who was 3 for 5 in the game, thank goodness for the designated hitter in American League parks) and Albert Almora Jr. ran for him.  Bryant flied out to center with Almora advancing to second.  Rizzo intentionally walked and Zobrist doubled, scoring Almora, Rizzo to third.

Russell intentionally walked and Miguel Montero singles, scoring Rizzo.  Zobrist to third and Russell to second.  Bases loaded, but the next two Cubs strike out and fly out.  I hate to have bases loaded with just one out and not score.

BUT, Cubs are winning 8 to 6!!  How can this be we're thinking.  Could this really be happening.  Might the Cubs actually win.

That bottom of the tenth is going to be mighty scary.

Am I Watching History?  --RoadDog

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