Friday, November 11, 2016

News From Along Route 66, October 2016: Why Was Route 66 Also Known As "Bloody 66?"

OCTOBER 8--  There is an article about the early history of the Cadillac Ranch.

OCTOBER 10--  Why was Route 66 also known as "Bloody 66?"  Easy.  there were many car crashes, injuries and deaths.  It was a very busy road and in places, very narrow.

One particularly nasty stretch was near Towanda, Illinois, and known as "Dead Man's Curve."  Here it was just 18-foot wide for two wave traffic on a curve.  This stretch was bypassed after World War II, but there is a marker there at the site (though I've never seen it).

One in seven Arizona accidents after World War II took place on Route 66.  One notorious stretch was up Ash Fork Hill, west of flagstaff.


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