Friday, November 18, 2016

Ten Most Boring Towns in Illinois-- Part 2: My Village, Spring Grove, Makes the List (I'm So Bored)

Part One is posted February 11, 2016.

From Road Snack!  "These Are the 10 Most Boring Cities in Illinois."

"This article is opinion, based on facts and is meant as infortainment.  Don't freak out!"  Based on average age, married households with kids

1.  Lake Forest  (With all that money, looks like they should be able to have a good time.)
2.  Hawthorn Woods  (But be VERY careful driving through there as it is easy to get tickets.)

3.  Inverness  (Another rich area.)
4.  Spring Grove  (Hey, that's us!!.Well, Liz and I are 65 and married, but no kids.  We do lack bars and restaurants with just The Grove, Spring Grove Tavern and Tommy's.  We do have a great Fourth of July celebration as well as annual steak fry and fish fry.)

5.  Oak Brook
6.  Lake Bluff
7.  Homer Glen
8.  Long Grove
9.  Campton Hills
10.  Glencoe

Most of These Are Well-to-Do Communities (Though I Don't Figure Spring grove to Be That Rich)>  --RoadDog

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