Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Game for the Ages, Game 7 2016 World Series-- Part 3: Tied 6-6 in the 8th

Fortunately, Jon Lester calmed down and pitched one-hit baseball the next two innings.  His catcher, David Ross hit a home run to center to make the score Cubs 6 Indians 3.

In the indians half of the 8th, again, the first two batters were out, then a single was hit and Manager Joe Maddon pulled Lester and put in his ace reliever, Aroldis Chapman, who immediately gave up a double, scoring a run.   Then Rajai Davis hit his home run, scoring two more runs.  Chapman then gave up a single before FINALLY striking out the last batter.

OH No, the Curse.  The game is now tied and the Indians are hot.  Is this going to be a loss?

What was Maddon thinking, relieving Lester like that?  And, Chapman was absolutely horrible in relief.

Liz and I decided to go home and watch the rest of the game, especially if it was going to be sad as we were now anticipating.

Ohhh NOOOO!!   --RoadDog

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