Friday, January 22, 2016

Woodstock's Groundhog Days Festival Slated for Next Weekend-- Part 2

SUNDAY, JANUARY 31--  8-11:30 am  Pancake breakfast at Moose Lodge  Afterwards, the movie will be shown again and the walking tour.

FEBRUARY 1, MONDAY--  5-8 pm.  The Making of the Movie "Groundhog Day" display at the Woodstock Library with all sorts of memorabilia from the movie.


7:07 a.m.  Woodstock Willie's prognostication in the Square.
7:20 a.m.  Drink to World Peace at the Public House
Groundhog day breakfast at the Moose Lodge featuring a polka band and actor Richard Henzel who will reprise his role in the movie  (He was one of the deejays on the radio.)  Cost $15.
9 a.m.  Walking Tour

Lots of Fun in Woodstock.  --RoadDog

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