Wednesday, January 27, 2016

N.C. for T-Giving 2015-- Part 15: Homeward Bound

Friday, December 4, 2015.

Weather reports have heavy fog here in Richmond and in Indianapolis as well as 29 degree temps so there will be ice in spots.

People are still in shock over the 14 murders in California this past Wednesday.

Picked up a Christmas station at 92.9 FM out of Dayton, Ohio.  I like to get occasional shots of Christmas music this time of year and actively seek out such stations.

A really foggy drive through all of Indiana  Clear sailing through Indianapolis.  Drove by the Lucas Oil Stadium where they will be having the Big Ten Championship game tomorrow between Michigan State and Iowa.  I like both teams, but the Hawkeyes a bit more so will be pulling for them.  I imagine they will be having a lot more fans than we will in the MAC Championship game in Detroit.

Passed the Beef House at Exit 4 in Indiana on I-70.  I really want to stop there to eat sometime.  They claim to be the best beef in the state as well as rolls to rival those at Lambert's Cafe according to them, but not "throwed."

Gas prices around $1.90 through Indiana, so decided to drive on through to Mahomet, Illinois, near Champaign.

Fog continued into Illinois.  Visibility all day was generally ok, except for a few stretches.


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