Friday, January 29, 2016

N.C. for T-Giving 2015-- Part 17: WJEZ FM, 98.9 in Pontiac, Illinois

December 4, 2015.

As I said, I had fog all the way through Indiana and into Illinois, but, for the most part it wasn't too bad.  That fog finally broke south of Forest, Illinois, driving north on Il-Highway 47.

Tuned into WJEZ 98.9 FM  out of Pontiac, Illinois and greatly enjoyed the Friday Oldies Get-Together Show.  It is classic rock otherwise, but this show plays the oldies and lots of them.  He also has a theme.  Today's was "Sweet."

Some of the songs:  Sweet Soul Music, Sweet City Woman, Sweet Inspiration, Sweet Nothings, Sweet William by Millie Small, Sweet Hitchhiker, Sweeter Than Sugar by Ohio Express.  Sure enjoyed listening to these songs.

(I'm listening to it right now over the internet  Starts at noon on Friday.)

On my drive to N.C., there was snow on the ground all the way through Illinois, although in decreasing amounts.  Coming back, there was none, but a lot of puddles.

I was happy not to get stopped at the Il-72, US-20, Il-47 bottleneck by Stark's Corner.  Went right through.

In Morris, I remembered that the Burger King there still sells tacos, two for $1.49.  We liked the Burger King tacos as they are pretty close to the Jack-In-the-Box tacos.  But, unfortunately, this is the only Burger King I know that still sells them.  I had to get my taco fix.

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