Thursday, January 28, 2016

N.C. for T-Giving 2015-- Part 16: Road Music and Hawkeye Fans


I picked up another Christmas music radio station 98.5 FM out of Terre Haute, Indiana and then 95.3 Sunny WJEK FM, Champaign-Urbana also with that music.  I need my Christmas shot this time of year.  It seems that soft rock/mix stations are most prone to switch to the Christmas format.

Stopped for gas in Mahomet, Illinois, near the southern terminus of Il. Highway 47.  While filling up, a car from Iowa pulled in next to me and a whole bunch of people got out, all clad in Iowa Hawkeye attire.  I sure knew where they were headed, Indianapolis for the Big 10, 11,12,13,14 Championship game.I wished them luck as I am pulling for them.  I saw Iowa thoroughly trounce Northwestern earlier this year.

Made good time as usual on Il-47 heading north and home.  But once you get to Yorkville, you start hitting lots more traffic and stop lights.

Of course, nearing Gibson City, I had to tune into their local station, 106.3 FM, Beautiful Music.  Now, had you told me back in my college days that I would actually like listening to a "Beautiful Music" station I'd have told you that someone was out of their mind.

But, Not No More.  --RoadDog

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