Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Proposed Douglas Highway in Illinois, 1915-- Part 3

The proposed Douglas Highway, named after famous Illinois senator Stephen A. Douglas, was to be 400 miles in length, a great "feeder" road for the Lincoln Highway and serving many people and running through a major agricultural area.

"It will be a great feeder to the Lincoln Highway, there can be no doubt of that.  And Dixon must be benefited from both ends of the highway."

Two highways were proposed at the time, the other to be the Rock River Valley Route, "The Black Hawk Trail."  More on that later.

"Both of these highways will not only fill an industrial need and meet the demand of tourists, but will have deep historic interest attached.  The Douglas Highway will follow the line the line of the Illinois Central, the road he (Douglas) made pay a portion of its earnings into the state treasury instead of taxes, when he was a member of the state legislature.

"It will also traverse the route taken during the Lincoln-Douglas debates, known over the nation."


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