Thursday, January 21, 2016

Proposed Douglas Highway in Illinois in 1915-- Part 5: "The Little Giant" and Impact on Dixon, Il.

Continuing with the article from 1915.

"'The Little Giant' was a big man in Illinois, and it is as fitting that the great and typical state highway should be named for him. as it is that the one real national highway should be named for his greater rival, Mr. Lincoln.

"Dixon should take a great interest in the work on these two new highways (more on the second one tomorrow).  Their success means more to Dixon than it does to any other city on either route, for they both come here.  Dixon is the hub for the noted highways that will branch out in all directions like the spokes of a wheel, and it will be truly said that 'All Roads Lead to Dixon.'"

Evidently, the Douglas Highway never came to be in Illinois.

Oh Well, A Good Effort Though.  --RoadDog

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