Monday, October 19, 2015

News from Along the Lincoln Highway: DeKalb's Winged Ear of Corn to Be Moved

From the October 17, 2015, Dekalb (Il.) Daily Chronicle by Brittany Keeperman.

A marker showing the DeKalb Brand of Corn was placed at Memorial Park on September 16 of this year.  Memorial Park is located at First Street and Lincoln Highway.  However, the park district started getting comments from veterans organizations that this park should stay focused on veterans.

So, the park district will move the winged corn marker to DeKalb Square Park at 4th Street and Lincoln Highway.

You have probably seen the DeKalb Corn signs along roadways where new corn crops are shown.

Memroial Park and DeKalb square are parts of a major renovation plan being carried out along DeKalb's Main Street which is the Lincoln Highway.

And, Liz and I really did buy our winged DeKalb Corn sign that is hanging in the garage.


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