Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Military Convoy Completes Re-enactment on the Bankhead Highway Last Saturday

From the October 17, 2015, San Diego (Cal.) Union-Tribune "Vintage military vehicles reenact 1920 convoy" by Maureen Magee.

A U.S. Army convoy of vintage vehicles concluded a 3,400 mile trip from the White House to Balboa Park in San Diego this past Saturday.  The original one was to promote the need for a reliable road for commerce and military transportation across the United states.  An earlier one had taken place on the Lincoln Highway, but this one took the southern route.

The 2015 convoy consisted of restored Jeeps, trucks and motorcycles.  They reached the Cabrillo National Monument after a one month journey and followed the country's second transcontinental road, the Bankhead Highway.  They followed the old road as much as possible.

Back in 1920, this road was still under construction.  It took the original convoy 116 days to do it.


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