Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Building the Ultimate Baseball Stadium from the Best of Wrigley and Comiskey-- Part 1

From the July 10, 2015, Chicago Tribune "Central Park: Building the ultimate baseball stadium frpm the best of Wrigley and the Cell."

As folks in these here parts get real excited about tonight.  Of course, I still refer to Sox Park as Comiskey.  I don't use the new name.  If you took the best of both, you'd have one "wunnerful' park.

BULLPENS:  Wrigley.  Right on sidelines, but in 2016, moving them under the bleachers to make room for new seats.

PRESS BOX:  Wrigley.  Comiskey is the most-hated press box i the majors.  Way out of the way.

BACKDROP:  Wrigley. Just too much.

FOUL TERRITORY:  Comiskey.  Much more room so safer.

TURF:  Comiskey.  Roger Bossard, but he designed and oversaw new field at Wrigley in 2008.  He has been involved with the construction of 12 major-league fields.

BLEACHERS:  What d'ya think?

GRANDSTANDS:  Comiskey.  At Wrigley folks stand and get in your way.


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