Monday, October 5, 2015

66 Things On Route 66 in Illinois-- Part 1: Mother Jones

To see the entire list, go to the Route 66 News blog site or the Springfield, Illinois, State Journal-Register.  Be forewarned the the newspaper only allows a certain number of views a month on their site.

This was done as a lead up to the 14th annual Route 66 International Mother Road Festival which took place at the end of last month.

I have been following it as views were allowed so didn't see the whole thing.  But, for any of us Route 66 fans, it is a neat list. Proud to say we have seen most of them.  (*= haven't seen)

1.  ART'S  MOTEL AND RESTAURANT, Farmersville.  We've seen it many times but never stayed or ate. It was closed the last time we saw it.

2.  MOTHER JONES MONUMENT, Mt. Olive.  On her grave.  Union organizers who wanted to be buried with "her" miners.

3.  POSTVILLE COURTHOUSE in Lincoln.  Frontier court house where Abraham Lincoln practiced law on his circuit.

4.  COWS IN THE CORN**  A statue featuring a cow in the corn with a 66 for a nose in Lincoln.


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