Saturday, May 2, 2015

Motorcycles All Over the Place

And from what I hear, there will be a whole lot more during the course of the day and evening as people nearby start coming for the day.  However, the people I have talked to who come here every year say it will clear out quickly by tomorrow afternoon.

We spent some time last night out by Front Beach Road in front of our motel and watched them go by.  Talked with a guy from Platteville, Wisconsin, who says the town really misses the Chicago Bears training there as they once did.  There were some really LOUD motorcycles, but what I really liked were the ones with the lighting effects.

Yesterday, when we drove over to Salty Sue's for their delicious smoked chicken wings, Front Beach Road was backed up all the way to the west as was US-98.

A big crowd of motorcyclists at Donovan's Reef across the road from us last night.  Too bad they only had one bartender to keep up with them as you had some long waits.  They were sure enjoying the karaoke while we were a bit desperate to find out news about the Blackhawk-Wild NHL playoff game being played, which wasn't on/  We were delighted to find out the Hawks were leading after the first period 3-0, but not so happy after the second with a 3-3 tie.  But the Hawks won 4-3.

A Real Biker Paradise Around Here.  --RoadDog

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