Friday, May 29, 2015

Indy Bound-- Part 3: Cocktails and Main Street


Once the RV campsite was set up, time to relax and have some cocktails.  The folks next door to us were from California, New York and Utah.  It was a family with three generations of guys.  This is a nice thing to come together for a family.  The younger ones, early 20s, sleep in the compartments below the RV.

We then walked over to Main Street of Speedway, where we had so much fun last year.  This is another area of urban renewal in Speedway and they are doing a great job with it.  There are several bars and restaurants and room for more.  Also, several race car builders have their headquarters there.

We were a bit early, though, and not much was going on until several hours later when they have Rockin' On Main Street with bands, libations and food.  We were disappointed that a microbrewery that had promised last year to be open this year still wasn't open.

Bourbon & BBQ had a good crowd, but their band hadn't arrived yet.  We stopped at Dawson's for a drink before heading back to the RV.

There is a new traffic circle between Georgetown Road and Main Street which is why Georgetown access is limited as it is blocked off at the south end.


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