Thursday, May 14, 2015

In Search of Tybee Island's "Local Character"

The last two days I have been writing about searching for one John Potter of Savannah, Georgia, at one of his local hangouts on Tybee Island called Huck-A-Poos.  This is in my Running the Blockade blog.  I came across his name and Huck-A-Poos  while writing about the man who has recently come forward to admit that the supposed photograph of the Confederate ironclad CSS Georgia was his hoax.

After I found that he had a picture of himself on a wanted poster at the bar with something about a record for drinking PBR beer in one night, I knew I had to check this place out.

It starts with a trip out to Savannah's dive bar, Pinkie Master's (and I have no doubt he used to go there as well) and eventually leads to a traffic jam going to Tybee Island and a trip to Fort Pulaski.  Well, it is a Civil war blog after all.

But, this could also be considered a road blog, so give it a read.  Just click on the Running the Blockade Blog to the right of this entry.

Love Those Local Characters.  --RoadDog

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