Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Spring Beach Trip 2015-- Part 4: More Gatlinburg Nightlife


Sure glad that the incessant rain falling when we arrived in Gatlinburg had finally stopped.  Made walking around much nicer.  After Old Hickory Holler, we went by some souvenir shops, something that abound all over Gatlinburg.

A warning to those easily offended by the Confederate flag.  This is not the place for you as you are going to see a fair number of them, especially in the tee-shirt and souvenir places.  There also will be some people walking around in that attire.  Gatlinburg is often referred to as a redneck paradise so be forewarned.

We thought we'd maybe stop at Dick's last resort, but beat a hasty retreat when we saw bottles of beer at $4.75.  We also passed by another place selling Moonshine and offering free tasting, but I'd already had my fill.

We found a place called Puckers which is sort of a sports bar and stopped there for a pitcher of beer for $10.  Ran into a couple from Muskogee, Oklahoma, that were just out for a motorcycle trip around the South and had a good talk.  Then went up[stairs to a place called Hogg's for another drink.

Lastly, we ended up at Crawdaddies, right next to the Four seasons where we were staying.  It is upstairs and great place to watch people walking by on the street below.  They had karaoke so enjoyed some good, some bad.

A Good Night in Gatlinburg.  --RoadDog

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