Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kenosha, Wis.,-- Orson Welles Territory-- Part 2

Some planned events:

May 1-27-- Welles Trivia Crawl.  Discover historical facts and Kenosha Orson Welles connections at downtown businesses.

May 6th--  Kick off celebration

May 7th--  Orson Welles and FDR.

May 8th--  Public Craft Brewing Company will have the official release of itsOrson Welles inspired beer and the possibility of some of Welles' relatives showing up.

May 9th--  Downtown Kenosha Featuring "War of the Worlds."  Walk with the aliens.

May 15th--  "Citizen Kane" shown at Parkside University student center cinema with discussion.

May 24th--  "The Magnificent Ambersons" film screening near hisbirth home.

may 27--  Orson Welles Trivia Night.

May 30-31--  Orson Welles 100th Anniversary Memorial Walk.  Also, Aliens in the Outfield with the Kenosha Kingfish baseball team at historic Simmons Field, built in 1920.  Orson Welles-themed baseball.

'Nuff Said.  Scare Me to Death.  --RoadDog

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